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Forbidden City Auspicious Cat Action Figures

Forbidden City Auspicious Cat Action Figures

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Blind Box or Blind Packaged means you don't know which specific design from a series you might be receiving. The boxes and/or bags are sealed and we don't know which toy is inside them. it is very interesting that you do not know what is inside before you open it. Surprise!

  • Brand:Forbidden City
  • Name:Forbidden City Auspicious Cat Action Figures
  • Material:PVC/ABS
  • Style: Random syle 10pcs + hidden styles 2pcs
  • One Set/10pcs: 10 forbidden city cats


Height: 60-70mm

Single Package Size: 60*60*95mm

One Set Package Size: 311*124*100mm

If you choose one blind box, we will  send one box randomly from 12 styles  (random syle 10pcs + hidden styles 2pcs )

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